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down, but he never listens. If I pick him up and put him there, he screams

               even more”.

               The problem is that once the child reaches a distressed state, he may

               completely shut off his thinking brain and cannot follow the strategy that his

               parents are trying to teach him.

               This is why it’s important to break the strategy down into steps so that the
               child learns a successful approximation of what may work.

               For instance, instead of expecting the child to go directly to the bedroom,

               the parent may guide the child to go to a corner of the room and hug his

               body tightly while humming a calm-down song

               The idea behind this is to teach your child how to stop and think in the

               moment, then slowly move towards anticipating what could go wrong,

               remembering the strategy, and using it.

               It isn’t until children have the capacity to remember past events and reflect

               on what has happened that they are able to internalize and use strategies

               that might work.

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