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her responses, laughing at the right moment, touching her child periodically,

               encouraging him, and other behaviors that engage the child.

               If you’re too active, though, and doing more than what your child can

               process, the child will respond by backing away or becoming distressed.

               Research has shown that when the parent and child are out-of-sync, the

               child learns to withdraw from the overly arousing interaction.

               This can lead to disengagement, with resulting insecurity in attachments.

               So how do you find the most optimal level of stimulation when you interact

               with your child?

               The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the optimal level varies
               greatly from one child to the next and depends upon the child’s threshold for

               arousal, tolerance for stimulation, and ability to self-control arousal.

               The best way to know if you’re on the right track is to watch your child’s

               response. If you are offering an optimal level of stimulation, smiling occurs.

               An increase in your child’s attentiveness will usually relate to you becoming

               less active and more attentive to what your child is doing. Pay attention to

               what your child is seeking and needing from you. If you are too active and
               directive of your child, he is likely to become less focused and attentive.

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