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Here are the skills needed for your child to become an effective self-calmer:

               → Provide a model of what it looks and feels like to be calm.

               → Validate your child’s level of distress. Respond to him gently through

               gestures and words.

               → Show your child how to calm down in many different situations.

               → Expand your child’s repertoire of self-calming strategies so that when one

               fails, another one might work.

               → Help your child find activities that give him pleasure so that he can shift

               from a distressed feeling to a positive one.

               → Once your child is calm, help him think through what caused his distress

               and what he can do to make himself feel better next time it happens.

               → While he is distressed, help your child to decrease that feeling. Use

               calming strategies that involve his cognitive abilities.

               → Help your child think of what the next step might be and remain focused

               on accomplishing that goal.

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