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               Before embarking on a program to address your child’s irritability, it is useful
               to think about when and where crying and irritability occur, and for how

               long, to determine the causes of the behavior.

               In some cases, a crying infant or irritable child may be responding to
               tensions that you are feeling which may cause you to handle your child
               briskly or to snap at them when they ask for something.

               All parents have bad days, but if this is a normal course of events for you,

               then what is irritability may occur whenever changes are introduced in the
               everyday routine or activity.

               Once it is more apparent what might be underlying the child’s irritability,
               treatment ideas can be tried.

               It is very hard to help intensely unregulated children to calm down.

               Sometimes parents say that once the tantrum begins, it has to run its course

               and may take several hours before things get better.

               An important aspect in helping your child is to develop a consistent plan in
               approaching different behaviors.

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