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they want them to be.

               Perhaps the most common reason children are irritable is because they

               become easily overstimulated in response to sensory stimulation.

               Basic experiences like face washing, dressing, noise on the playground, or a

               busy household can load their nervous system and create an internal state

               that can be overwhelming to the child and which can ultimately lead to

               An inflexible child is often an irritable child.

               Children who have problems with organization and planning often fall apart

               when they are required to come up with a new way of doing things.

               In addition to getting overstimulated easily, these irritable children often get

               angry when they have to organize themselves to perform a complex task.

               This problem is commonly associated with attention deficit disorder,

               executive functioning problems, as well as motor planning issues.

               Finally, it is important to determine whether your child has a mood

               regulation problem that makes it difficult for him to keep a content mood.

               Many parents worry about what this could mean for their child as he grows

               older. The truth is, it’s very difficult to diagnose a mood disorder in very

               young children, but irritability is a factor in disorders such as anxiety or

               depression. As your child grows older, you may notice other things that point

               out to the fact that there is an underlying mood problem that goes beyond a

               fussy, irritable temperament.

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