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               It is important not to overlook the impact that the parents’ moods have on a
               child – it is not unusual for children with mood problems to have parents who

               also struggle with their mood.

               There is also the genetic component. You may have a grandparent who had
               been diagnosed with anxiety, an uncle with depression, or you yourself

               struggled with a mood disorder your entire life.

               If this is the case, it becomes even more important to consult with a mental
               health professional to understand if your child may have a mood disorder

               that makes him or her irritable.

               When children are exposed to a parent who is angry, irritable, or depressed
               most of the time, they learn to respond to these strong emotions.

               So even if your child doesn’t have a mood disorder, he can learn that this is

               how one behaves.

               The important thing is for you as a parent is to take care of yourself and find

               ways to self-calm and be available anytime for the difficult task of parenting.

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