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Sometimes, parents find that they are constantly walking on eggshells

               around their irritable child. They may be afraid to set a limit or impose a

               change of activity because they know their child is likely to explode into a
               long tantrum.

               Some parents structure every minute of the child’s day to keep them

               organized. But this technique can be double-edged.

               By overstimulating the child or giving him one activity after the next in order

               to distract him can backfire, and cause the child to become flooded with too

               much stimulation, ultimately leading to an never-ending cycle of tantrums.

               In scientific studies of irritable children with regulatory problems, experts

               found that irritable children express themselves through distress signals.

               They may scream, kick, push, bite, and yell to let you know how they feel.

               There may be very little calm discussion about things, or happy activity that

               fills their time. This state of chaos and intensity causes the parent-child
               interaction to become disrupted and thus everything becomes negative.

               Sometimes, parents withdraw or disengage to avoid negative interactions

               with their child. Moreover, they may let their child play alone when they are
               happy and miss the best time to interact with them.

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